The Importance of Fuel Additives

What is Bad Gas?
Since ethanol is both a cleaning solvent and absorbent, water and dirt in the tank will cling to it and make their way into your fuel tanks. You can only hope your filters will catch most of it.

Dirty fuel can also cost you when debris passes through your leak detectors. This can severely affect leak detector’s performance over time- which means they have to be replaced more often. It’s just another expense you don’t need. There is an expense that  will save you, therefore, covering you cost and improving engine performance. The cost of using TPx doesn't even weigh in comparison to engine maintenance dirty fuel will bring upon your vehicles.

TPx Total Power synthetic fuel additives extend engine life and shrink your carbon footprint. Our products clean your fuel and save on gas mileage. Maximize on fuel efficiency, and clean, oxygenate, and stabilize all types of fuel. TPx helps fuel burn cleaner and last longer. 

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Do Fuel Additives Really Do Anything

How Do They Work
Do fuel additives do anything, or are the claims on the bottle just clever advertising? Is it dependent on your car. Learn more about fuel additives like TPx All In One. This fuel additive has been in use for over 20 years in the industrial sector.

Many fuel additives claim certain results and yet haven’t proven them, and often end up tainting the reputation of those that actually work. Total Power Inc., has conducted actual case studies, lab and field tests. This synthetic fuel additive doesn’t contain petroleum and is biodegradable. It works by dispersing water and organic matter in fuel that normally is contaminated when pumped into your fuel tank. 

The way our additive works reduces your carbon footprint by 50% and cleans fuel system.

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Maximize Fuel Efficiency and Avoid Rough Idling and Weak Acceleration

Do Fuel Additives Do Anything?
The gasoline that powers your vehicle doesn't occur naturally like water in a stream. So where does it come from? Gasoline actually must be produced from a thick, dark substance pumped from deep underground. We call that substance crude oil or petroleum.

Crude oil is a fossil fuel. That means it was created from the remains of tiny plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. Those remains were covered with layers of sediment that were subjected to high pressures and temperatures for millions of years to produce the mixture of liquid hydrocarbons we call petroleum.

TPx Synthetic Fuel Additives are proven to reduce fuel consumption in any gasoline, diesel or heavy fuel oil burning equipment. Clients are excited to learn about reduced maintenance costs of the fuel system including storage tanks, lines, filters, injectors, and exhaust filters. Over a billion gallons of fuel have been treated worldwide! 

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Latest News About TPx
Total Power Inc., has been serving the industrial sector for  over 20 years. Their fully synthetic fuel additive doesn't contain any petroleum and is certified biodegradable. TPx can be used with any fuel vehicle. As of the beginning of the year, they have been offering the product for retail so that anyone can have access to the unique ingredients. With only an ounce needed to treat 15 gallons it is an investment that will ultimately save you up to 8% on fuel consumption, factoring in the cost to buy it. This product will stabilize and clean your fuel dispersing water and any other unwanted impurities.

What it Means to Eco-Friendly 

Recently car manufactures like Volvo, have vowed to eliminate fossil fuel burning engines, in a race to improve the planet's air quality. In fact, France's PSA Group, which owns the Peugeot and Citroen brands, plans to have 80 percent of its fleet electrified by 2023.
While these strides can only happen in time, we have brought you a product that will offer a solution in the interim. When you treat your fuel with TPx, you are reducing COx NOx (carbon emissions) by 50%. This information is supported extensively in our case studies, lab and fuel tests obtainable on our website.

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Fuel Additives Do The Work For You

How TPx Stabilizes Your Fuel System
TPx fuel additives add oxygen, lubricity and detergents that blend with any fuel. Formulated to reduce harmful emissions by 20%–55% and to increase fuel efficiency by 3%–8%, the savings generated from improved combustion are greater than the fuel additive costs, so “it pays to go green.”

All our products are 100% biodegradable, non-volatile, and noncarcinogenic and safe for storage. All TPx products have been lab tested to ensure they do not negatively alter fuel, and are guaranteed to be completely safe for any size engine.

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Generators Help Grids Stay Up
Generators running on fuel have saved the day on many occasions. In fact, home compact generators from Walmart and places like Home Depot have provided electricity for many Hurricane victims. Whether you are tail gating, camping, or surviving a natural disaster, 8 hours of fuel burning depends on stability, efficiency, and less emissions. People were surprised that only cap full of TPx fuel additive reduced those annoying emissions by 50% making it a more pleasant experience to be near. Often manufactures of these generators recommend using clean or higher grade fuel. Our fuel stabilizer disperses water, adds Lubricity, and Improves Performance. You have to figure if an ounce treats 15 gallons, how little you really need for smaller operations such as a portable generator. 

There is only one reason why we have been serving the industrial private sector and government sector for over 20 years. We are military proved and used in the mining, maritime, and transportation industry with all of the data sheets to back our products. After all we are in California, one of the highest regulated states in the union. Are product is the real deal.

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The Importance of Fuel Additives

What is Bad Gas? Since ethanol is both a cleaning solvent and absorbent, water and dirt in the tank will cling to it and make their way ...